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The Backup Routine

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The Backup Routine

You may often hear that you should do backups of your important files and data, why is this important to do? Today we will go over the importance of this and how you can do it. Well in modern computers there are 2 components that have physical moving parts, the hard drive and the cooling fans. Hard drives have spinning platters in them that store the information and are read by an arm that goes across them like a record player.
These platters are highly delicate and must be treated carefully. Specifically in laptop computers, hard drives are prone to damage from shock and in desktop computers they are prone to heat and overuse. If a hard drive fails, the data stored on it could be lost permanently. This is why you should be doing a backup of your important files and data like pictures to something like an external hard drive or cloud storage on a regular basis or at least every time you update a file or upload a new one. So you may be wondering how to get a backup done. Performing a backup can be easy. With an external hard drive or USB stick it is as easy as plugging it in to the appropriate port on your computer and dragging the desired files over to the backup drive.
Cloud storage can make things super simple as having all your data backed up automatically without you having to do anything.
There are also options available for storage now that do not have moving parts. These are called solid state storage and are typically much faster than standard spinning hard drives. They come in multiple form factors, like 2.5 inch laptop drive size, and smaller card style called M.2. They also come in much smaller capacities for similar costs to standard spinning hard drives. After time they will still fail due to a certain lifespan of the transistors on the boards, they can only handle reading and writing data so many times. So remember that every time you make an important change to a document that you should also update the backup, and if you save a new document or some pictures make sure to save a backup of it as well. Losing valuable or sentimental data is a lesson to do your backup you only need to learn once. So make sure you start doing backups before you have to learn that lesson the hard way.

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